Why I am working with a coach

I hired my first coach back in 2011. I initially started working with her after my manager’s suggestion
as part of a high potentials program. I had no idea about how profoundly my life was about to
change. I have been working with coaches ever since, only interrupted by trips abroad. Of course,
it wasn’t always easy (profound personal change rarely is), but with the help of my coaches,
I was - and still am - supported on my journey.

Here’s why, after all those years, I still choose to work with coaches myself

  • I have help identifying blind spots

    This is may be the most important thing my coaches do for me: whenever I am trying to find a solution to a gridlock issue or can’t choose which one is the right decision, they help me figure out what I didn’t know, they clue me in to things I was not able to see. As they aren’t invested in one specific outcome (much unlike me, stuck in the middle of it) they are able to be honest with me and I’m so grateful for their insights.

  • I am held accountable

    My coaches keep me on track and moving upwards towards the achievements I am aiming at. Having to answer their questions about my transformation every week motivates me to keep going.

  • I gain an advantage professionally

    Thanks to my coaches I am able to reach my goals much faster and with much more confidence than I could on my own. I am able to differentiate myself from competitors that way and stand out from the crowd.

  • I gain clarity about my goals

    And by that I don’t mean all the things I thought I should do (like reach a certain salary level, or live in my own house by 30), but about what I want to do. I used to easily get distracted by opportunities that popped up. I had the strong urge to take them, just because they looked amazing (and after all, you never know when an opportunity like that will knock again), even though they brought me nowhere near where I wanted to go. My coaches helped me determine what’s really important to me and help me stay focused on that.

  • I acquire crucial leadership skills

    In today’s organizations the skills modeled by a coach are inevitable for modern leaders. After I worked with a coach for a while I started to adopt her powerful questioning techniques, which helped me become a more effective listener. But this was just the beginning. In the meantime I have adopted many coaching techniques into my leadership approach that have been essential to building my career.

  • I learn to focus my efforts.

    My coaches helped me know the difference between areas of development that were worth working on and imperfections that are probably accompany me for the rest of my life. I saved so much time and energy by only investing in what really matters.

  • I feel happier

    This is huge, obviously. My coaches helped me identify and align my values, create a focus, gain the confidence to achieve my goals, have control over my life and ultimately, help me make leaps towards professional and personal fulfillment.

  • If any of this sounds like something you could benefit from in your life, I encourage you to take
    the first step and at least try it. You’ll be amazed by the profound impact working with a coach
    will have on your life, your career, your health, your relationships and your overall wellbeing.

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