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My acknowledgment and gratitude to Anna’s coaching I have received a cycle of Anna’s life coaching sessions focusing on currently important personal life aspects. I like working with Anna. She has a sensitivity to the momentum and respect to person’s inner feelings. After the sessions I always feel transformed and fulfilled. They always inspire me for the further reflections and actions. Through life coaching Anna provides a great help for achievement of life objectives and wishes. Partly this happens via removal of the inner psychological blocks that are preventing the personal action flow. I highly recommend Anna as your best friend and teacher on the way to life happiness and fulfillment.

Elena Sosenko

Thank you, Anna! I feel empowered like I never have. I now know (not only in my head, but in my heart) that I can achieve ANYTHING! Thanks to you I not only make decisions so much quicker and with more security, but more importantly allow myself to focus on what I really want to do and who I want to be. Thank you for guiding me through this transformation.

Lisa Bachi, London

Anna is an excellent listener and gets to the core of the issue very quickly. She helped me achieve clarity throughout the transformation and fully supported me during the change process. She is personable, flexible and was very invested in my success. I feel like she really cares, as a coach and as a person.

Irene Pamphin, London

Anna has transformed a process which started out as a horror scenario into a very pleasant learning experience. Thoughtfulness to ask the right questions, intelligence to confront me in the right moments, sensibility to truly make me feel understood, flexibility to schedule our sessions and a big sense of responsibility to follow up are the traits that define Anna’s coaching.

Mike Griffen, Zurich - Zurich

Anna has inspired me to question a lot of my feelings, habits, decisions and perceptions. Not only was I able to find a solution to the issue that made me initiate coaching, I also learned to understand how I can gain more control over my personal and professional life and make the right decisions to influence direction it takes. I feel empowered, confident and better equipped to work towards the life I want.

Luis Thierry, Hamburg

My work with Anna wasn’t always easy and laid-back. In fact, it was usually pretty intense. But so were the results. I’m so happy to know that the investment was so much more than worth it - for my business and more importantly for my life.

Leonard Hankys, Geneva

Anna’s guidance lead me to trust my instincts and to recognise what I actually want. I’m more confident than I ever was in my life. A couple of weeks after starting to work with Anna, I found the job that I should have had years ago and am truly thankful.

Cathrine Schmidt, Lucerne


Anna is an outstanding coach. I appreciate her ability to pin down what’s relevant about the issues I bring up and her understanding of what lays behind my choices. She is a great listener, can quickly create an environment of trust and is able to effectively challenge me. She is able to be empathetic and stay objective at the same time. Thanks to Anna’s help I was able to make the right decision, gained the confidence to act accordingly and built my business as a result.

Natalya Nasun, Istanbul

Anna is the great professional coach and bright personality. I took the package of sessions with her and I was very pleased how it turned out. It helps me a lot to organize my days and structured my approach in business and private life. In hectic and stressful days I kept my confidence and even improved my skills how to overcome the issues. I’d definitely recommend Anna to my friends or colleagues. Also plan to take intermediate sessions or come back to the regular, if needed by the reason.

Pavel, Zurich - Zurich

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