Relationship confidence coach

ANNA khudoyerko

Why Don’t marry me?

When I was working on the vision for my coaching practice and trying to think of a compelling name for the website, I started doing research online. After having clicked through a handful of articles, I started to notice a lot of content along the lines of:

  • How I got my husband to propose me within a month of meeting
  • How to get married in 30 days
  • 5 steps to getting him literally addicted to you
  • Ways you can attract him to you and change him

It seemed like the message coming from every direction was a desperate "marry me! marry me!"

I truly believe that modern women need to stop defining themselves through their relationship status.

  • My vision for women is that they rather strive to be intelligent, interesting, successful, that they
    aim towards living a happy, fulfilled life, taking advantage of their full potential!
  • I made it my mission to support them on their journey to whoever they want to become and evoke transformation! This is the reason why my practice is called don’t marry me.

I'll tell you my story

When people at dinner parties and networking events ask me what I do, I often reply that I’m a "professional
expat and specialist in cross cultural communications".

Originally from Russia, I spent the majority of my life in Istanbul, Geneva, Luzern and Zurich.
When I was in my twenties, I left my home, my friends and my comfort zone to follow my partner and his career
to Istanbul. I had no job, no friends, no knowledge of the Turkish language and spent most of my days at
home while my partner was gone for work....

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How I can help you

My goal is to provide you with a fresh and clear perspective on the subject you choose to address. I specialize in the following topics:

Confidence and self-worth

Many scientific studies have proven the impact your level of confidence can have on your career, your love-life and your overall happiness. I can show you tools to let go of negative self talk and start to beam with confidence, like you deserve.Are you ready to be empowered?

Focus and Productivity

Do you find yourself struggling to focus for longer than a few hours? Do you feel like your work-day passes by without you achieving the goals you have set for that day I can show you the tools you need for amore productive and efficient work-day.


Whether it’s the beginning or end of a new relationship, a relocation or a career shift: (some life-transition come from a personal desire to make a change, other changes feel as though they are forced upon you. You can either surrender to feeling helpless, overwhelmed, discouraged and bitter with your situation.

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Testimonials: when you realize that your work benefits


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3 ways modern women feel empowered through dating


We’ve all been there: thinking about that cute guy from last week, we’ve checked our phone more often than we’d like to admit while waiting for him to finally text back. We’ve held board meetings with our friends about whether or not we should reach out to him again, and if yes, how long we should wait before doing so. We’ve drafted so many messages, if we had saved them all, we could publish a really sappy, partially awkward book.

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